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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Italian Blackwork progress

Although it has been good to work on some relatively undemanding projects over the Christmas period, I looked forward to progressing the Italian Blackwork Project I began with Carol Mullan before Christmas. So once the rooster cushion was finished I turned my hand back to blackwork.

Of the six patterns in the sampler, I had started five and finished two.

The fifth one was going so well I began by finishing it, then went back to finish the third. Both of these were very satisfying to stitch.

I then completed the fourth one, which is a very flowing, decorative pattern.

I have worked all of these without a hoop. My thread is very dark navy but appears black.

It was a real pleasure to move on to the sixth, and last motif, having the pleasure of figuring and laying out the foundation line. I really like this part of the process - figuring the pathway that will enable me to come back to fill in the double-running line with minimal break in continuity. It also 'reveals' the pattern to the fabric - rather like adding lemon juice to an invisible ink message.

I've been giving thought to what I might do with this piece. I don't much go for framed pieces. I am considering adding a border, then using it on a linen bag.


Monica said...

I agree, it does not take many years as a stitcher to end up loaded down with framed pieces. I really like this sampler, though, it would be nice to make something really useful. What about a tablet or e-reader cover or something like that?

Anyway, great job!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. The e-reader idea is a good one. It really needs to be used with the short sides horizontal which limits options.

Katherine said...

This is beautiful. Love seeing progress on it and it will be finished soon! I think that is why I have swapped threads and sewing for spinning as I can use a lot more wool and hand knits than stitcheries and quilts. Mind you I still have two WPIs for lap quilts or bed toppers I can work on when I fancy doing it. I have quite a few lovely embroidery pieces that I have done and either framed up or gifted as there is limited space on the walls with all the other watercolours etc that Lance's mother left us. What about a journal cover? One that can be refilled like that magnolia one I did a few years back.