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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Embroiderers Guild Summer School: Alison Cole Class

About 80 women are enjoying themselves at the SA Embroideres Guild 5 day Summer School. Most are South Australian, but there are participants from Canberra and Tasmania and tutors from Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. It has been a privilege and convenience to live in.

I progressed my Ottoman Double Running project from Carol Mullan's class in the second day of the class and then overnight while listening to conversation in the common room. I've discovered an error which I am working around. One of my fellow stitchers and I also adjusted the colour of our yellow to a darker, golder shade - to avoid going blind as well as the look!

Yesterday I took a half- day gold work class with Alison Cole. This was about as perfect a project as you get as far as I am concerned. In three hours we learned to use four different gold threads, attach beetle wing leaves and create bead flowers. This is to be mounted on a box lid ( box supplied in kit).

Alison is a high energy teacher and keeps her students motivated and confident. I found cutting the beetle wings (or more accurately, the wing carapaces) tricky. I didn't get my shapes very even. I also tangled the passing thread at the back of my work. Nevertheless, I made great progress and enjoyed the class no end.

I worked on it during the Market afternoon and (late) at night. 
This is how it was when I went to bed. I'd like to finish this before I leave on Sunday. It would be great to have a finished project to construct when I get home.

I did buy a few bits at the market day - but I shall miss breakfast if I write about that!


Katherine said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Love the goldwork. Have never tried that myself.

Monica said...

What a pretty design! I think you'll be happy with this one. Looks like you're having a really fun week!