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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Embroiderers' Guild Summer School: Beetle wing box finish

The Embroiderers' Guild Summer School ended on Sunday. I had a great time - good company, classes, food and a market.  

There is too much to tell for one post. My last two day class, Barbara Mullan's Maharani's Fish Pond, is certainly a story in its own right. I have a lot more to write about!

On the last night in residence, I finished stitching the beetle wing gold work. I will, with a bit of practice, be able to make my crouching stitches more accurate. I might even get better at cutting and shaping beetle wings!

It was a lovely piece to embroider - and well designed to teach specific techniques in a way that is both manageable and complete. 

Once home, I proceeded with the construction of the trinket box.
Not the neatest lashing in the world, but strong and firm. The panel fits perfectly into the lid (which is so black and shiny you can't see the frame in the photo below!).
I'm very pleased with my little box. Many thanks to Alison Cole for the design, the teaching, and the encouragement.

I have continued to load these blogposts from my iPad mini. This one I have edited on my computer to reduce the size of the photos and add links - neither of which can be done from my iPad. It isn't perfect, but I can manage it if I either reduce photo size before loading, or limit the number of photos - a good experiment that will help me when travelling..


Monica said...

It's a very pretty finish, Jillian! It sounds like you had a pretty intensive week of learning.

Personally, I preferred the larger photos of your previous post. It was much easier to see everything!

Anyway, the Fish Pond looks very interesting, can't wait to read about that!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. That is useful feedback. I worry about the size of the files slowing down access. It will be much easier to go with the large files when travelling, so good to know that works for you.

It was a great 5 days - I was apprehensive at first, but ended up revelling in it.

Katherine said...