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Monday, January 19, 2015

Birthday Gifts

My birthday this month was celebrated with a dinner for family and friends at the Grange Jetty Cafe - my very favourite eatery.

Once again, I wanted to record the gifts made for me by my daughter Katherine and her family, either from stitching or baking.

Katherine made me a large jar of granola that I have been enjoying every morning with fresh fruit for breakfast - a favourite of mine and a reminder of breakfasts in New York.

Fionn made me a jar of 'Wookie Cookies', which I have been sharing with friends who have dropped in for a coffee. They are a big hit.

Veronica used a sewing machine for the first time to make me a notebook cover. It is reversible - either plain purple or butterflies. Really useful and very pretty.

Niamh stitched me a cute and practical purse. I think I am going to keep my knitting markers in it. Her dad suggested the direction of the stitching on the buttons - a nice touch.

Brigid made me a pendant necklace that was assembled and baked in the oven.It looks terrific on red, and purple and blue.

How lucky am I?


Monica said...

VERY lucky, Jillian! And happy birthday too. :D

Jillian said...

Thanks so much, Monica.

Katherine said...

A very happy birthday from me too. I think that handmade are the best gifts to receive because so much thought and love has gone into creating it.