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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Summer School

I am currently in residence at the Summer Schools of the SA Embroiderers' Guild. I usually attend one class, but this year booked myself in for the full complement of 2 classes of two days each and a half day class. It is being held at a school in Adelaide and I am staying in the boarding house with about 15 other women. 

I don't usually directly blog while away, but I am testing the use of the Blogger App on my iPad. It is more limited than my computer, but I want to,see if it will work well enough to serve me while I am travelling later this year.

The class I am doing today and tomorrow is an Ottoman Double Running and Darning Project with Carol Mullan. This is the photo of her finished piece from the Guild website. I can't link to the website from this App.

It has been an intense and productive class. We have all made good progress, working from many different starting points and directions. One of Carol's particular strengths is her flexibility and capacity to encourage diversity.

I began in the centre, then worked outlines - I still get quite excited and inspired to see the shape emerge.

The pale yellow section slowed me down - it was very hard to see against my ecru linen, and I think I will redo it in a darker shade. 

I plan to do a bit more tonight and look forward to getting further tomorrow.


Monica said...

Wow, looks like fun! Your photos are nice and clear, so on the whole the app seems to work well. Enjoy yourself!

Jillian Mary said...

What a lovely way to spend a couple of days. The project looks great.

Katherine said...

Oh this looks fantastic. Such a perfect size group too.