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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hawthorn Jeans

My grandson follows Hawthorn in the Australian Football League, so I thought I would try to embroider a Hawthorn logo on to some denim shorts for him for Christmas.

I found the club logo, copied and traced it on to Solvi. I don't much like working with this, but I have found it the best way to get an outline onto denim.

Once I had stitched around the outline, I removed the Solvi and filled in the rest.

I had originally intended to use chain stitch but decided I'd get a better effect and wear using stem stitch.

 It progressed well. The logo is a great design - the lines are continuous and fluid and the two colour juxtaposition gives a great sense of dimension.

I am pleased with the effect and the impact of the stitching. Even the back looks as if it will stand the rigors of the treatment it is likely to get from an eight-year-old knee!

Fionn was well pleased with these on Christmas Day.


margaret said...

great job, it rings a bell I think my sister and her children and grandchildren follow them too

katherine said...

Not a Hawthorn fan at all lol but lovely work.

Monica said...

Wow, it looks extremely good, Jillian. And durable! Stem stitch was definitely the way to go. I'm glad to see it used so successfully!

Jillian said...

Thanks for the comments. Hawthorn won the competition last year, Margaret, so it's a good time for fans! I am really pleased with this result ( stitching, not football!)