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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brigid's Christmas skirt

I wanted to make a skirt for Brigid that was a bit more sophisticated than those I have made before. I used the pattern Born to Shop in Designer Smocking for Tots to Teens. The smocked panel in this is decorative, rather than functional (that is, the smocking does not serve a purpose of holding gathers in place, rather it is attached to a panel that itself  forms the shape required - in this case the hip-piece). I usually go for patterns that use the smocking functionally, but thought this one might really suit Brigid.

As the skirt component of this pattern is a full circle, it requires 150cm wide fabric. Nothing in my stash quite fit the bill, so I bought some spotty fabric from Hetty's Patch and set to.

I kept the smocking colours as close as I could to the fabric colours.

The pattern is an unusual and attractive set of interlocking diamonds.

I joined the front and back before pleating and smocked it all as one panel.

In constructing I varied a bit from the suggested method. Rather than attach the smocked panel and lining together to the skirt, I attached the smocked panel to the skirt and used the lining as a facing.

I edged the skirt frills using a small , close zig-zag right on the edge, so it formed a tiny roll-over.

The waist looked a bit big to me, and I couldn't try it on, as it was a present, so I ran soft elastic through the waist. I'll remove it if not needed.

It looks a bit odd on the coathanger, but will hang OK on a Brigid I think. I don't have a photo as yet, but will add if I get one.


margaret said...

beautiful smocking a lovely skirt

Monica said...

Yes, the smocking is really pretty and matches the style of the fabric perfectly!

I made a circle skirt or two back in the day. Longer, though, so the circle had to be pieced. It's a lot of fabric, but they're fun to wear! I'm sure Brigid was pleased. :)

katherine said...

So cute! Lovely work Jillian.

Wendy said...

the smocking is beautiful, such a lot of work!

Jillian said...

Thanks Girls for your comments. I don't think I ever had a circle skirt, Monica. A long one would be amazing. Thanks Katherine and Margaret for coming back so regularly, and welcome Wendy.