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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Embroidered bags 2 of 3

For the second of the embroidered bags made from my jeans I wanted to try out some of the stitches in Mary Corbett's Stitch Fun. I followed these with interest and was looking for a project to try some.

I appliqued a couple of crocheted doilies in red and cream (from Portobello Gypsy, as before), then began embroidering around them. I began with some small diasies in two colours using method 2 (two seen here finished, two in process) then added a ribbon of chain stitch waves.

 I moved on to some cast on stitch flowers, and then some similar, but using bullion knots.

I filled in between with little button-hole pom-poms.

Around the large red crocheted piece I worked
inside-out buttonhole wheel flowers and some whipped chain stems.

By now I was really into this- and having a lot of fun.

For good measure, I added some chain-stitched spider daisies around a small crocheted doiley with pansies in the centre. I had been itching to try these - and they didn't disappoint.

I finished this bag off with some coloured embroidered edging that I inherited in my mother's stash. It is a bit over-the-top, but this one is for Veronica, who is an over-the-top kind of girl.


margaret said...

love the colours so bright and cheerful and lots of great stitches here, I am sure you will be stopped a lot when out with this bag for admiring comments

katherine said...

Love the stitching on your bags Jillian. They both look fantastic!

Monica said...

Lots of wonderful stitching here, Jillian! Thank you for the links to the specific motifs, too. I really like the "inside out buttonhole" flowers (around the pansies). Your combination of hand dyed and solid thread is perfect! It is nice to break out of the box and do something fun and improvisational like this. Great job!

Jillian said...

Thank you Margaret, Katherine and Monica. I'm glad you like the colours and threads. I agree Monica. I had such pleasure doing this I am resolved to more of my own thing and fewer kits (still have a few of those in stock, though!)