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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tea Wallet Prototype

I kept instructions from a Handmade magazine last year for a project I thought looked interesting and useful. My interest was sparked by the crocheted edge. I am interested in progressing my newly acquired skills in reading a crochet pattern and one of the reasons I wanted to learn this was to crochet edges. While I don't carry teabags around with me, I know people who do, so thought this might make a pleasing gift.
So recently I dug around in my stash for suitable fabric and came up with the bottom of a dress I made and wore in the 80s - a Paisley Liberty cotton. It needed a bit of unpicking, but yielded a piece of fabric the required size - 27.5cm x 59cm.
I also found interfacing - but then forgot to use it - folding the fabric, stitching and turning it inside out without the interfacing. I'm quite pleased I made this mistake because the fabric is firm enough without interfacing and better, I think, without the bulk.
In line with instructions, I buttonhole stitched around the outer edge of the folded fabric using ecru crochet cotton and crocheted a chain on top of it.

I then followed the crochet pattern to finish the edge. It actually worked!
This is what it looked like.
It folds neatly into three to form a handy pouch, or wallet.
I used an odd piece from an earring as a fastener. I undid my stitching of the fastener three times before I got it in the right place!
I like the finished effect. I don't, however, think it works as well as it could for teabags. It would be better to be narrower - the width of - well, a teabag... As it is it might be more use for holding a comb, nail file and a small packet of tissues. I like the concept however and am now in the process of adjusting the size to fit teabags more precisely.  More on the results soon.


Monica said...

I LOVE crocheted edgings, or the tatted edgings that Cynthia has been making recently. This turned out really well, and it is nice to know how to do it now. (Crochet, not tatting!)

The pendant earring is a perfect match too. These little bags seem right up your alley, Jillian. I'm looking forward to seeing a few more!

Jillian said...

You have me paged, Monica! It IS right u my alley. More soon. Thanks for commenting.

margaret said...

you have certainly mastered crochet the edging really finishes the pouch off beautifully

Lyn Warner said...

Unusual idea to carry teabags around with you, though sometimes I do wish I had my own teabags when I travel. You can always get hot water, but not always tea. Pretty crocheted edge!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Have to say that I always carry some teabags with me just in case the need arises. Your pouch turned out very nicely and the crocheted edge gives it just the right amount of class. Great job!