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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hungarian Point Bag construction.

I delayed finishing my little bag while stitching birthday dresses, but I set myself a goal to finish before the next meeting of the Embroiderers' Guild Back to Basics group, which is tomorrow. The construction isn't as highly focused as the counted thread work, so it's easier to find a little time here and there.

First came chain stitch around the edges, and backstitching along fold lines.

After some hesitation I decided to add tassels at the bottom - an optional extra in the instructions. It is, after all, over three years since my tassel binge!

The scary bit is cutting the border away but it all folded up as it was meant to.

I used a small piece of silk ikat for the lining, top stitching it down.

The sides were then whipped together using the chain stitch outline thread.

A twisted cord secures the top.

I'm pretty pleased with my little Hungarian Point bag. I learned quite a bit and have a pretty, tiny bag to show for it.

Thanks to Carol Mullan for the teaching and design.


margaret said...

such a pretty little bag and beautifully done

Monica said...

I really like this one, Jillian! It's very appealing, and the tassels are a great addition. Fun!

Katherine said...

I really love it! Maybe I should try and develop a liking for doing counted work instead of admiring everyone elses gorgeous pieces.