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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BATB 2014: Whitework buttons with Jenny Adin-Christie

I enrolled in two classes in this year's Beating Around the Bush. This is the third one I have now attended, and each time I have enrolled in two, rather than three classes. Each time I have taken a one day class and a two day class. This way I have some hope of finishing the projects I enrol in. Less stress for me, more learning. My one day project this year was making an Ayrshire Button in Jenny Adin-Christie's Whitework button class.

photo courtesy Inspirations Facebook page
I chose this class because the techniques appealed to me, the projects were small and I could see a use for them.

Jenny offered five buttons to work on. Of course, I ordered the kits for all five. This sounds contradictory in light of my finishing goal - but the goal relates to learning as well as finishing.  I'd rather learn one thing thoroughly, get something to show for the class, then work more on it over time

Jenny worked hard. There were four different buttons being worked in the class. She used a nifty device to project what her hands were doing on to a screen - very efficient.

The Ayrshire button was the one most likely to be finished in class. The kit contained the linen already mounted on cotton - really good preparation by Jenny.

The Ayrshire button began with a large eyelet and progressed to needle-lace inset,

Jenny did a remarkable job of keeping tabs on what we were all doing, diagnosing, correcting and staying ahead of the game.

We got to do a bit of sanding to shape the backing disc.

We used curved needles to add the beads around the edge.

I was a bit too keen to remove my blue markers - ending up with a damp button to stitch the ric-rac on to - making it a more difficult that it needed to be.

I got there, however, before the class finished. I ended up adding an extra bead in order to align the bumps in the ric-rac.

Rather than mount my button for display, I chose the brooch option, and mounted the backing as soon as I got home and the button was completely dry.

I'm really pleased with the result, as well as the learning, the company and the camaraderie.

Each of the other four buttons will take a couple of days to make - but will make interesting and manageable projects - and great gifts.

I might take up one of the embroiderer's guild stitching evenings and work on each of the buttons in turn.


margaret said...

what an absolute delight you have created here Jillian, it is really exquisite I think you can tell I love your brooch/button

Monica said...

Yes, I agree with Margaret, what a perfect brooch for a stitcher! It is very elegant. I think you were right to buy all five!

Jillian said...

Thanks, Girls. I know I will enjoy making each one, even without a teacher. Jenny's instructions are really good.

Katherine said...

The button looks fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing the other ones over time too. They will be very useful for dressing up lots of projects.