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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Second Cardigan

I had bought enough of Bendigo Woollen Mill's Harvest wool to knit a second Cardigan with lace front detail for my other daughter. This time the wool was in a dusty blue. This proved to be a fortuitous colour as most of it was knitted in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney while staying with friends.

We had a lovely time knitting, especially in the evenings, inside their warm houses with the mist and rain outside.

I also got a bit done on the train journey back down the mountain.

By the time I came home I had the back, one sleeve and one front finished, but competing demands slowed my progress once home. I have been helping my eldest granddaughter with her chosen project of making herself a Tudor costume as part of her research into Queen Elizabeth I. As she has to create a blog within the school as part of this, I am not posting myself, but will give you a summary and peek when the project is over.

Nevertheless, I've really enjoyed knitting this, and have finally finished it. The wool is lovely to knit. It feels good in the hand, is firm and takes a pattern well. I like the natural fleck, which adds interest. The colour in the photos is all over the place - the colour on the train and in the last photo are truest.

I initially selected blue buttons, but swapped them for smooth wooden ones. I have stitched them on back to front - hiding the flower transfers at the back and showing the smooth wood.

It's a little late in the season for an 8ply cardigan, but will get a bit of a run on cool mornings or evenings. This has been a great project - soothing and easy to pick up and put down.


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Looks like a wonderful sweater and the pattern is beautifully done.

Monica said...

What interesting photos! I love the scenic shots. Knitting is great for travel. I remember knitting on trains around England, quite like your foggy photo. The cardigan turned out very well, and it looks great on!

Jillian said...

Thanks Jenny and Monica. I'm glad you like the scenery, Monica, it seemed part of the project!

margaret said...

could not comment on this last time, something on my computer wad playing up and coomen t box would not open up, good to see and do so today Great knitting, have not done any for a long time now as it seemed to upset my knuckles old age I suppose