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Friday, June 6, 2014

Sadness and a Promise Box

Dear Blogging friends,
My absence from the blog for over two weeks is because my husband Jim was unexpectedly hospitalised and even more unexpectedly died of a heart attack on 28 May. His funeral was on Wednesday 4 June. I am obviously grieving, but have been, and continue to be, well supported by family and friends.

In looking for a way to deal with this and continue my blog, I remembered this post that I had written a couple of months ago, but not yet posted. It seems an appropriate post to link to Jim and to get me going again with my blog. It is about an interest gift and a stitching idea.

One of the gifts Jim gave me for my birthday was a vintage wooden 'promise box'. Neither of us had seen one of these before. The box itself is beautiful. It is made of a light wood (in colour and weight), hinged, with a hand-carved lid in a pattern resembling fanned leaves and branches.

Inside are tiny scrolls, each with a Bible verse. The instructions on the inside lid ask you to 'Take one and replace".

A little bit of research since receiving this, suggests they were used in both homes and churches. In churches parishioners could take a verse as they left, read it and replace it. In homes, these seem to be mostly used around the table.

I have not heard of, or seen these in use in Australia, but others may have. There are contemporary versions available in the USA.

A couple of years ago, my daughter and the children made me a jar of memories that I can dip into when needing some comfort and cheer. I guess the idea is not dissimilar.

I haven't thought it out yet, but there is an idea playing around in my mind about making a small embroidered box with verses, or sayings, or memories It would be a good gift to think about for someone convalescing, or grieving. I haven't worked out if there is a way to embroider the messages, or whether the little paper scrolls would be the thing. I will let the idea simmer away and take any ideas that come along.


margaret said...

Jillian my condolences, I was sorry to read that your husband had a heart attack and passed away.Such a shock as he had been well prior to taking ill this time. You will miss him so much, so good to read you have family and friends to support you at this sad time. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your idea sounds good and I am sure will be helpful with your grieving.

Lyn Warner said...

Dear Jillian, My heartfelt condolences on the sudden loss of your husband. May your special gifts from your family that you shared with us in your post bring you much comfort and inspiration as you navigate the days ahead.

katherine said...

Such a beautiful promise box! I really like the idea of the bible verses in it. There are so many memory jars and boxes ideas around. They are probably still all the rage with scrapbookers with not only memory themes but ideas, motivational, inspirational etc. You could in time create one with some special memories that you shared with Jim too. Take care Jillian, we are all thinking of you.

Monica said...

I am so sorry, Jillian. I noticed you'd been away for a while, and I never thought it would be for such an unhappy reason. What a terrible shock.

I'm glad that you are well supported by your family and friends, and you certainly have all my good wishes as well.

I like the promise box a great deal! Maybe this is not the time to think too hard about it -- just draw a verse and stitch it without worrying about the final result just yet. I think the practice of stitching will be the most valuable thing right now. God bless, Jillian, and be well!

Jillian said...

Thank you so much, dear friends. Your support and condolence is , and will continue to be, very important to me. I agree that it may be a long while - if ever - before I take up stitching around this idea. It did, however, give the hook I needed to tell you and get myself back in touch - an easy bridge. I'll be posting soon - I have a few posts in draft. Bless you all.