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Friday, June 20, 2014

Paintbox construction

The paint box construction was interesting, as it involved creating, from a single piece of linen, a structure  that folded to form a box.

This was achieved by cutting skirtex pieces and lashing them to the individual faces of the paintbox.

The linen was folded around the three pieces of skirtex. The lining is then applied over the whole, and also to create an individual pocket on the back.

The two inner pockets hold packets of needles.

The needle threader is attached to a cord and charm, and slots into the slit on the inside lid of the paintbox (the one I embroidered on the wrong side!)

I like this paintbox quite a lot. It was a neat design and fun to construct. It is flat and compact - sitting easily in the etui.

I also think it will be useful!


Monica said...

Yes, I like it too! It is a fun design and you did a wonderful job. Great wok!

katherine said...

It is very cute! Used to love it when we would get those boxes of paints at Christmas time as kids. Wonderful construction too. Things that are a little different are always fun to make.

margaret said...

so loving following you on this project, another piece complete and looking good

Lyn Warner said...

Very cute and such a fun idea! Lovely to see the finished paint box!