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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Niamh's Smocked Skirt

I can post this (and a few more too!) now that Christmas is over , but I did the work in late November The fabric is Morris Meadows that I bought from Country Bumpkin when it was on special. I bought two different colours - Veronica's will be posted in a day or two.
I used my old favourite pattern from AS&E 71 but joined the skirt back and front into one piece to pleat. I would rather smock the whole than join two smocked pieces.

I also wanted to work out a smocking design to fit the fabric, so chose my thread colours then worked it out as I went along.

The only tricky bit was achieving some filled diamonds in gold in the centre of the panel.

It is much less work to smock lines from one side to the other!

I was pleased with the result, however.

I wanted to maximise the length for this one, as Niamh is tallish, so bound the hem with some gold bias binding that Helen at Hetty's Patch helped me find.

A blue Tshirt completed the outfit.

This was a hit on Christmas Day as you can see from the photos, however blurry!


Lyn Warner said...

I love the way you have chosen the colours and worked them into the fabric! Just makes me want to do some more smocking.

Jillian said...

Thanks Lyn. It's interesting that I now find it much more satisfying to make simple patterns I have made before and play with the colours and smocking than to buy a kit or follow a new design. Confidence or laziness? Not sure.

Monica said...

It's really pretty, Jillian! I love that Morris Meadows fabric -- especially the green, so I'm looking forward to seeing that one too!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Coming soon to a blog near you!

katherine said...

They are gorgeous fabrics! I bought some Morris and finished off an embroidery for my mum last year. Love the smocking on it and great seeing it modelled too. Kids are so much fun at that age at Christmas time.

margaret said...

a beautifully smocked skirt, it looks amazing