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Monday, December 23, 2013

Beaded Balthasar

Last year I managed Melchior, the first of three Mill Hill kits of the Magi in time for Christmas. I am pleased to say I have added Balthasar in time for this Christmas. Casper just might have to wait another year!

For this one, I worked a few of the beads, then did most of the un-beaded cross-stitch, partly because I did it while away with our eldest two grandchildren for a few days last week, and I am concerned about spilling the beads while working in a motel.

Once again, I found this work very hard on my wrist, and did most of the work with my wrist-brace on.

The trick with this work, as for most cross-stitch, is to get the sense of the pattern and follow that, checking back with the chart, rather than having to follow the chart for every stitch. Even so, I found this took me quite a lot of hours to complete.

I backed him in purple felt.

Our Christmas Tree this year is a plum tree growing in a pot.  It looks really splendid. Our grandchildren also decorated the frangipani, cherry and bay trees growing outside the window, so we have a Christmas Environment!

Balthasar has joined Melchior inside on the Plum Christmas Tree.

I am hoping to make at least one more post before Christmas Day - and a host of posts after, of the Christmas presents I have been stitching, but can't make public!

This is Happy Christmas Number One.


margaret said...

he is certainly a very handsome King a labour of love I call that, cross stitch is not a technique I do as find it makes me cross eyed but this beadwork is superb. Next year we will see all 3 kings visiting.

Jillian said...

I certainly hope so, Margaret. As my daughter pointed out, in advent the images of the Kings begin a long way from the nativity in the church and approach gradually. So mine are approaching one at a time over two years!
I share your issue with cross-stitch!

Monica said...

Aha, a plum tree! I really like it. :)

Balthasar came out really well, the three magi are a gorgeous set with their rich robes.

Happy Christmas indeed!

Jillian said...

Glad you like the tree, Monica. Had a few moments of sadness missing the smell of the pine, but it has been a big success and looks great. Hopefully Casper will join the magi next year.

katherine said...

Gorgeous. Hope that wrist is on the mend.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. My wrist improved almost immediately I finished this one. Even though I have done other embroidery held in my hand, this one seems to require my left hand to stay in the same position, which causes the problem.