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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mostly red and black gift bags

One of my favourite of the bags I made from the kimono fabric was this one from a long piece of synthetic brocade, shaped with a curve at the top. It lent itself to a long, lined bag that folds up like a pouch.

This piece of red figured silk had a mitred corner and two self-covered buttons. I fastened the piece with velcro, rather than ribbon to form another pouch.

The remainder are mostly conventional drawstrings, some lined, some not and finished off with buttons to stop the drawstring disappearing into the casing.

The $32 kimono fabric pack made 45 bags. I won't use them all at Christmas (or any time soon, given my existing bag stash!).


katherine said...

Love the bags! Those fabrics are gorgeous.

margaret said...

such a lovely selection you have created here

Monica said...

Wow, 45 bags! You must be sewing from morning to night, Jillian.

I particularly like the first, folded bag. That is very trendy these days! But it is nice how you manage to honour each piece. Fun post!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

What a terrific array of fabric bags you've sewn!!