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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Bunting

I have never made bunting but always liked the look of it, so a several of months ago I bought a couple of panels of Christmas bunting and set about making a set for our place and one for my local daughter's place as well.

The kids wanted them long, so I bought some cheap, plain red fabric to back the panel pieces.
I must say nothing could be simpler than following instructions that are printed on the panel of fabric!

I didn't use interfacing, but joined each piece to a backing piece and turned the seam to the inside.

I used a roll of red bias binding that I bought at a craft fair to join them together.

They looked really jolly spread all over the floor of the sewing room.

I figured my Canberra daughter might like some too, so nipped out and bought another panel.

I put ours up this week. Understated but festive, I think!


margaret said...

bunting seems to be in `in thing` at the moment, lots of challenges going on to make masses of it here, yours is lovely, would not work outside here with such unpredictable weather, would spend most of the time soaking wet but of course it could be hung over mantle pieces etc and would look lovely that way too

Monica said...

Is that your house, Jillian? What amazing gingerbread!

I have also been enjoying this resurgence in bunting, there's something so cheerful about it. Yours looks great, and perfect on the house!

Jillian said...

Yes, Monica, our house. It is a Federation villa - built in 1912. It is a particular style common in Adelaide from about 1890 to 1920. Unlike other Australian cities, Adelaide had very little timber, and quite a bit of stone, so stone houses were reasonably common. Some have wooden decoration, others wrought iron - our has the latter. They have verandahs to shade from the heat, and corrugated iron rooves.

Glad you both like the bunting. It's fun.

Monica said...

It is a beautiful house, Jillian. I always admire historic houses, but I do appreciate the comfort of a more modern house too, so I am never sure which I would prefer.

It is interesting how similar it looks to many of the farmhouses in Southern Ontario, only with regional adaptations. Ours are generally brick, but have similar two-colour brickwork around the doors and on the corners, and wooden gingerbread.

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Ours has been seriously renovated over the years - by us and by the previous owner. They are quite popular because the stone walls keep them very cool in summer and they mostly have high ceilings - 12 ft in our case. I have never heard the term 'gingerbread' used in this context. Makes sense.

katherine said...

That bunting is gorgeous and I love it strung up out the front of your house.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. I like it too. Not as spectacular as lights, but cheerful.