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Friday, June 23, 2017

Blackwell Roundel Box

This week the parcel arrived, securely and neatly packaged. I rushed to the Post Office to pick it up after finding the delivery card in my letterbox. I had been home but possibly missed hearing the buzzer. As I had hoped, it was from Jenny Adin-Christie, the box for my Blackwell roundel from my Spring Retreat with the Crewel Work Company. At home, out of the tightly taped post bag, here it was, waiting for me to open the box.
It was lovely. So lovely I forgot to take a photo. It was my grandchildren-after-school day and had a meal to prepare. I had to put it aside until evening.                                                                                     The kit had come with the backing fabric and the box came with a mounting board. When the family had gone I got to work.
The back was a little bulky - two layers of silk organza, backing silk and its cotton lining - but it worked fine. I added a circle of pellon.
The box is beautifully crafted - so smooth and lovely to hold.  The mahogany is perfectly matched to the colours in the embroidery.

The interior  mount-board backing is held in place with tiny brass screws.


  I'm not sure what I will do with this. I have more boxes than I know what to do with. This one is special - so beautifully designed and crafted.

I'm sure I'll find someone to use and treasure it.

It can sit here for a while, on my sewing box.

Thank you Jenny Adin-Christie!


margaret said...

your crewel works works so beautifully in this beautiful box a great job you have done both stitching and them mounting it in the lid

Monica said...

Beautifully done, Jillian, it is just lovely. I'm sure it will have many happy memories of your trip for you, maybe this is one to keep. :D

D1-D2 said...

Lovely and it looks perfect in that box.

Lyn Warner said...

The wood complements the colours beautifully. It looks lovely!

Jillian said...

Many thanks, Girls!