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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Visit to Craft and Quilt Fair

I don't usually write about craft shows I go to, but this year's Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair has an exhibition that I couldn't resist sharing. This was the exhibition of the Sentinelles, a textile design originally stitched by Dijanne Sevaal, then expanded to include others who bought and stitched her hand printed and dyed panels.

I really loved them. They have given me so many ideas. A sentinelle  is one who watches, observes, remains faithful.

It is a project I would really have liked to have been involved in.

It has been touring the craft fairs in Australia this year.

My photos are not the greatest - but give the idea.


margaret said...

what an interesting display, maybe it will tour the UK one day as I too would like to see it

Monica said...

It is wonderful to see them all en masse like that. It is always so interesting to see how everyone puts their own spin on things. Thanks for the photos!