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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Craft Fair purchases

I didn't want to clutter the post about the Sentinelles with my own purchases at the Craft Fair. I resisted all fabric temptation. I went with a (short) list of specific items I wanted to look at, culled from the booklet sent to me by the organisers - clips for holding layers of fabric, scissor sharpeners and a kit for a tablet bag. I came home with none of those. The clips were flimsy, the crowd around the scissor stall was too daunting to ask my questions .My main interest in the tablet bag was the handprinted fabric, which was great, but (fortunately!) not available on its own.

I did purchase three things - a pack of printable cotton in postcard size, scissors and some 2 ply alpaca wool.

I am very pleased with the scissors which are designed for carrying on board aircraft. At the moment I take a small secure bladed wheel to cut thread while stitching on planes. Adequate but not flexible. As I try to travel domestically with only carry-on luggage I often find myself buying small scissors interstate and posting them home to myself.

These scissors are sharp, short and have rounded ends. They will cut fabric (slowly!).

They come with a clip-on cover. This does clip on firmly, so may last the distance. I would prefer it to be coloured rather than transparent so it is easier to see when dropped - but I understand the argument for being able to see the blade.

These scissors were available from two stalls at the Fair. I bought mine from Tinkering Tools where you could buy 4 pair for $10 - a bargain. The 4 could include other small scissors as well. I went for three pair of the travel scissors and one other. This means I can keep a pair with three projects to grab and go.

My other purchase was two skeins of 2 ply alpaca wool from Dairing, , a Melbourne company. Their stall had a wonderful range of their innovative products - interesting combinations of yarn and some even more interesting knitted garments. Their website gives some idea of their range, but the stall gave a better.
Dairing top 

In spite of their interesting blends, I bought their Show Special - two skeins of 460 yds of two ply alpaca. I think these will make lovely triangular shawls.

I didn't know about this company before the Fair, but a number of Embroiderers' Guild members tell me they visit the Richmond shop whenever they are in Melbourne.


Monica said...

Printable fabric is great fun, and I am impressed with your other purchases too! I also like to keep a kit ready for travel, and I'm sure those scissors will be better than the Clover thread cutter, which always seems to leave scraggly ends. Good finds!

margaret said...

those scissors are new to me a good idea when flying but would not want to cut much fabric with them!! Hope I resist impulse buys when I am at a show today

Katherine said...

Those scissors will be fantastic for your trips and I love the colours in that alpaca you got too.

Jillian said...

Thanks Girls. I agree on the limits of the Clocer cutter, Monica, and these scissors are so far a lot better. I like to have a kit or too ready for travel too, and can now set up more than one.

The alpaca is really lovely, Katherine. I'm hoping to make shawls for the girls. Interested to know how you went, Margaret.