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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Second BATB class: French Birdcage

The second class I took at Beating Around the Bush in early October was a two day class with Christine Bishop, to make her French "Birdcage" Workbox and Accessories.

Christine was kind enough to hold up her finished piece so we could photograph it.

It has six panels - and quite a few accessories!

We spent the first day of the class learning the stitches required for the panels - by working one panel, not to completion, but to the point where the components were clear.

We worked Italian four-sided stitch, satin stitch and double running stitch, before learning Sorbello knots - which give texture to the birds.

On the second day we switched to the Scissor Fob and worked the whole thing in a day - helped along by Christine making all our cords for us!

It was terrific to go home with something completed. I have added a pair of scissors to my fob and will use them in completing the project - as an incentive.

Since the class finished I have worked on a second panel. I took it to one of the Guild's Thursday stitch-in evenings.

I need, however to take a desk light if I am going to continue to do this - counted thread work is hard on my eyes. I found even the double running stitch quite difficult without light. I found it hard to place my needle in the same hole on the return journey - you can see where the needle has glanced off by one thread. This, I learned from another class, is a common problem, addressed by angling the needle under the previous stitch.

Nevertheless, I have one panel finished - minus the bird.

I need to work on some Christmas items - as well as the other classes I am attending - so am not sure how much more I will get done in the next couple of months. This is a medium-to-long term project.


margaret said...

what a delight this is going to be, wondering what count fabric you are working on. I have had to moved down from 28 to 25 and cannot work on dark at all anymore

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. It is 30 count natural Belgian linen, using DMC 814 in stranded, perle 8 and perle 12. I'm moving in the same direction!

Monica said...

This is a lovely project, very elegant! It will be a nice one to keep coming back to. I sense a lot of stitching ahead!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Yes, this is a really big one - I need to balance out my urge to finish with an acceptance of staged progress and multiple projects!

Katherine said...

Another beautiful work box to complete. Love the panel you have completed and the scissors and fob too.