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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Toy Chest Scissor fob and scissor case

Both the scissor fob and scissor case for the Toy Chest Etui have cords attached, and the scissor fob incorporates a tassel. I made the tassel first, then made the cord for the fob using the 'Spinster' that Betsy Morgan had recommended and sold at the workshop.

It worked, but seemed overly complicated for  a simple cord.

When I came to make the shorter cord for the scissor case, I made it by twisting the threads between my hands, attaching an end to each lined half of the case, putting two knots in the middle and cutting between the knots.

I am still not entirely comfortable with the faceless people, but am paying respect, as best I can, to Amish tradition.

Here are the scissors, in the case with the fob attached.


Monica said...

I chuckled at your review of the Spinster! Maybe if you were making masses of cord it would be helpful.

I like this scissors case, it looks good. But if the blank faces aren't working for you, I would add some very minimal eyes and mouths. History is one thing, but in the end it's your piece.

margaret said...

what a delight your scissor case is

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. Thanks Monica. I have been trying to imagine what I might make, Monica, that uses enough cord to warrant the Spinster. Haven't come up with an answer yet!

I might get used to the faces - I'll give it a go and see. If not, you're right, better to adapt to a workable contemporary ethic.

katherine said...

They look fantastic but I am with Monica. If you aren't happy with the faceless then adapt them to suit yourself. I do it all the time lol.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. I'll see how I go - your advice is sound, and much appreciated. I'm in good company.