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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tshirts to go with skirt

I had trouble buying the right sized Tshirts in colours I thought matched the skirt I smocked for Brigid. In the end I settled on three, one a size bigger than she is at the moment.

I appliqued a flower motif from the skirt fabric on to each. I think they will do the job.

I made a bag as wrapping for the skirt and Tshirts.

The present was a hit, looks great and will be used - what could be more satisfying?


katherine said...

That's fantastic to see it being worn. It does sit lovely and a great idea for the tshirts too. Thanks for commenting on my blog too. I'd love to reply directly to you too. Maybe we could share email addy's. Mine's

margaret said...

what a great idea to applique the tee shirts,I am sure they will get a lot of wear.

Monica said...

Those are pretty t shirts, too. I'm glad she likes the set!

Jillian said...

Thanks, Girls. Your comments are much appreciated.