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Friday, March 29, 2013

Cross stitched Samurai

I have been working on a cross stitched Samurai that I bought a few months ago, thinking my grandson would like it and I could use it for a box lid for his birthday. I bought it as a kit - with threads, diagram and 18 count aida.

I began work on it a couple of weeks ago. The finished piece is 7ins x 5ins, and I thought I was timing it quite well with Fionn's birthday a few days after Easter.

It's a while since I've worked something with so many colours (28) so I dug out my thread holder, separated and stripped all the threads and set up the colour card.

I also set up a new lap frame that I bought in January this year. It is called Eziframe, patented and manufactured in Australia by a company called Stitch Ezi. It caught my eye while looking for some thread online and I ordered the 6" version (it also comes in 10"). While I really like my sit-on frame, there are times, especially with smaller projects, when having the frame on my lap is more comfortable.

Although the Samurai is larger than the 6" frame, the piece of fabric supplied is too small for an 8" frame, so it is a good chance to try the Eziframe.

The setting up took me the best part of a day and then I was right into it.

I began in the centre and the belt, working down, putting in the skirt shading to give me guidelines.The shading in the red/pink area is quite hard on the eyes.

I sketched in the edge of the skirt border, but left the filling in until I move the frame down. I then filled in his left shoulder and jacket and some of the detail of his hand and sword.
I find that part of the interest in cross stitch projects is in deciding where to go next - how to vary the concentration required and give myself a boost by seeing something emerge, or doing a section that allows me to move around freely.

A really concerted effort yesterday saw the sleeves go in. I now have a lot of incentive to keep going. It has taken me longer than I had anticipated to get this far and the birthday is fast approaching. Will I finish it in time (not to mention the box to put it on!)? At the moment I don't think so - but I haven't given up yet!


margaret said...

you seem to be going a pace with this project, hope it gets done in time for the birthday. Like the new frame, i have one in wood but it is much bigger, in fact too big!! a smaller one would be much better

xstitchatoz said...

Great progress, I`m sure you`ll finish it in time for the birthday! xx

Monica said...

You are doing very well! 5" x 7" on 18 ct is a lot more stitching than you think when you first look at it. I had one project that size (the kittens) that seemed to go on forever!

But I know that if anyone can finish it in time, it will be you! It will be a nice idea for a box top.

Jillian said...

Thanks for the encouragement girls - it really helps. Will post some progress soon.