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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Smocked doll's dress

My granddaughters received amazing dolls for Christmas, and Brigid has begun to make clothes for hers, so I thought I would use the material left over from her skirt to make a dress for her doll.

I am guessing (don't roll your eyes!) that it is 15 inches.

To my surprise, I found that early issues of Australian Smocking and Embroidery had quite a few doll patterns. I suspect this is because there were a few women around then (early 1990s) who were collecting china dolls and making clothes for them, rather than people dressing dolls for children.

The pattern I used was Who's a Pretty Girl, Issue 15, Summer 1991.

I made it sleeves - giving it a better chance of fitting the doll.

The back has a same fabric sash.  I used press-studs rather than buttons for simplicity.

I also made the matching bloomers.

I find machining such small items quite hard, although I don't mind the handwork. It's been a good use of fabric and Brigid was pleased with the result.


katherine said...

What a fantastic idea to use up some more scraps too. Bridget looks well chuffed with her doll.

margaret said...

how nice to have Brigid and her doll with matching clothes

Jillina Mary said...

I really prefer to hand sew doll's clothes...perhaps because that's the way I started. Ia'm still in awe of my friend Rosemary's mother, who dressed those Rosebud dolls, precursors of Barbie et al, for the school fete, and sewed darts in the bodices on her sewing machine! Brigid is very fortunate in her grandmother!