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Saturday, July 28, 2018

More Pearl Cases

All images in this post are copyright. The design is the property of Christine Bishop and cannot be copied without her express permission.

At the end of the last post, I was working on two smaller Pearl Cases on my spare piece of 28 count linen, using two components of Christine Bishop's larger pouch for an Embroiderers' Guild Class .

I couldn't easily source the tiny seed beads that Christine used, so I compromised with slightly larger ones.

I was happy with the result. By now I had the hang of the counting and really enjoyed the stitching. I enjoyed the four-sided stitch so much that I used it to mark off the folds as well as the edge.

Construction was the same as for the original project, using some pink silk from my stash.

I deliberately made them slightly different sizes - to see how useful each proved to be.

I think these pouches do need a fastener, since I am planning to keep  jewellery in them. I made a twisted cord from the perle threads I had used for the embroidery. I couldn't bear to discard any of the cord, so made one fastening very long.

I then tried out the pouches.

I'm delighted with this result. I have friends expressing interest in storing their pearls in this manner - so I am looking forward to making many more variations!

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