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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cat’s paw prayer shawl

A month or so ago I set about knitting a shawl for a friend who is recovering from serious illness. I like the concept of prayer shawls and have knitted a number. I have several books of patterns, but for this one I sought a pattern elsewhere.

My friend loves cats. I looked therefore, for a pattern that involved cats in some way. After quite a bit of searching I found a cat's paw pattern through Ravelry. It was in a book of patterns for use with North Ronaldsay yarn. North Ronaldsay is the most northerly of the Orkney Islands. This book, by Elizabeth Lovick,  took me on another journey of discovery. I didn't have North Ronaldsay yarn but  I had some three-ply yarn I thought would work.

I ordered an e-copy of the book as I wanted to knit the shawl  immediately. The patterns were so beautiful I ordered  Elizabeth Lovick's other books!

This shawl knits from the point, from few to many stitches. The edging is added at the end. I like adding the edging - it is somehow satisfying to work it in stages.

It knitted up quite quickly and looked, as usual, pretty raggy.

It did, nevertheless, pass the wedding ring test!

I then blocked it on a towel on the carpet.

I love the way the pattern and gossamer effect emerges from the raggyness.

It is lovely and soft,  my friend liked it and I really enjoyed making it. In fact, it has got me going - I'm now on a bit of a shawl knitting binge!

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