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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crewel Rose and Thistle update

I have made some progress on the Rose and Thistle crewel work from the Scottish Highlands Embroidery Tour. I had not touched this since returning home. This is where I was.

I set it up in the 12" hoop of my seated frame - the arrangement we used on the tour. I found it a bit messy, as the linen piece is long - about 30 inches- leaving quite a bit hanging over the frame. In addition, the edges were fraying and catching in my stitching.

I decided,  to try it in my Doodler frame. This still works on my lap, but is suited to a long piece of linen. I took the linen out of the hoop and basted the edges into a hem. The linen piece then fitted the width of the rollers I have for the Doodler and I lashed them on.

The trouble with this arrangement was that I couldn't get the piece tight enough on the sides. I tried lashing it down but had only limited success. 

I got through the Rose but in the end I removed the linen and went back to the hoop.

I still have the pistol stitches to do on the rose

and some hairs and adjustments on the thistle.
I have started on the leaves in the third, and last, section - the second rose.

I'm still not sure what I will do with this piece. Maybe a long, thin bolster-like cushion.


Monica said...

Well, the rose looks really lovely, so I guess you overcame the frame difficulties! I love the textures. More and more I prefer texture these days. And there is a nice mix of colours in the leaves. I think a bolster is a good idea -- it's a challenging shape! Don't be afraid to cut and piece it a bit too, I don't see why it has to stay in one piece. Looking good!

Jillian said...

Yes, the texture is the big attraction, isn't it? I am tempted to cut it into three and make bags - which, of course, I don't need.. I could also fill in some of the spaces.