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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pouch from Ottoman Double Running piece

I used double running stitch to applique the Ottoman Double running linen piece to the square I had constructed from the blue denim and maroon batik.

I experimented with a couple of stitches to join the envelope flap pieces together, but ended up using a version to blanket stitch bars used in the original Alison Snepp design.

I kept my bars in ecru only and made them a bit larger than the original. I intended the denim to be undecorated and the focus to be on the batik and linen.

It is evident from the photo that my envelope did not match up perfectly. I initially compensated for this by adjusting the shape of the inset piece.

As I stitched I decided that (1) the denim needed embellishment and (2) I could get a better, and more interesting effect by inserting  a whole additional strip of fabric to make the envelope more symmetrical.

The embellishment would, of course, have been better done before construction, but was not too difficult.

As with the original, I added a two-colour chain stitch border around the opening.

I also constructed a tri-colour cord for the edge.

then decided to add an appliqu├ęd strip to the right hand side to imitate the left.
While this reads as a lot of messing around rather than a planned, designed approach, I really enjoy working in this way - the peasant approach. I have added a blue tassel and one of the needle lace buttons from the Italian Tassels class will come into its own when I get home in a few days time (I'm currently visiting in Canberra).i will also be able to block and iron the bag!

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Monica said...

LOL, I laughed when you said you changed your mind about the embellishment! It didn't seem like you to leave it plain. And the extra stitching is just the right thing, both in design and colour. Great finish!