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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lunch Bag

Another of my Christmas projects was a lunch bag for my sister-in-law. I had some insulating wadding and suitable fabric, but had to buy some waterproof lining, a freezer pack and a water bottle to go inside.

The pattern was from the Design Collective's Lunch Bags book that I have used before.

The process was relatively straightforward. The bag consists of one long piece, and two side inserts. The insulated wadding is attached to the outer fabric.

 The lining is made up in the same way and inserted, with a pocket in the lid to hold a small cold pack, and elastic straps on one side to hold a water bottle.

The shoulder strap/handle is added to the outside. I added a tab on the side away from the bottle to avoid the side gaping.

I hope the bag proved useful to my sister-in-law for taking her lunch to work each day - or for picnics or snacks at the beach.


Katherine said...

Love the lunch bag! Such a useful gift! I am trying to make a needle case with a difference at the moment straight out of my head. Wish I had a book to follow lol.

Monica said...

Another ingenious bag, Jillian! The lining and the red exterior complement each other really well. You almost inspire me to sew something that isn't flat for a change! We'll see how that goes...

Lyn Warner said...

I love the bag. It's such a thoughtful gift too. So inspiring to see another finish!