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Monday, December 22, 2014

Smocked dress for Veronica

When Veronica was about 3 years old I bought a kit for a dress that I thought would one day really suit her. It was Poppy in AS&E 87. I bought the largest size - 7 - to give myself the maximum time to confirm my hunch that it had her name on it. When she turned 7 in September I did not have time to make dresses, so this Christmas really was my deadline.

The smocking on this dress took me several nights to complete. The pattern is on a yoke, and the bodice is back-smocked for about 3 inches, then smocked in black with two rows of very pale green and some white touches in the middle.

I initially made an error, and did the first trellis in white instead of pale green.  I doubted it would make a difference - but it did, and I replaced it.

There are interesting touches - like a wave over a double cable, creating almost a running stitch effect.

It was a little tricky working in black, but a really interesting design to smock, with a harmonious result.

The basic construction was, as usual, fairly straightforward. The trickiest bit was the piping and bias strips cut from white pique.
It has a very interesting cross-over back, tied at the side with wide ribbon, threaded through buttonholes. It is a great design by Susan O'Connor, really well suited to the fabric.

For a range of reasons, we have celebrated Christmas with our extended family a little early this year - the only reason I can post this before Christmas and give you a peak at the wearer.

I have, of course, another dress to write about next time - but that will need to wait until next weekend. It can carry my New Year wishes.

This one seemed an appropriate one to post at this time and to use to wish us all a very Happy Christmas.


Monica said...

Yes, that is a really beautiful design, I love the fabrics and the black and white accents. Very festive! You did a great job with it.

Happy Christmas, Jillian! I am afraid it may be a difficult one, but I hope you'll keep busy. Ingrid over at Supergoof quilts (in my sidebar) has a good post about her Christmas tree today, that you may appreciate. All the best!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica, especially for he Supergoof post, which is great. I am spending Christmas at a beach house about an hour and a half down the coast from Adelaide, with my brother, my daughter and their partners who have come from interstate. My other daughter and her family have taken a nearby house but return home for Christmas Day. No wireless connection and poor phone reception. I've returned home for one night - hence the post. I haven't had a Christmas tree this year for the first time in over 40 years - but will return to it in time!

margaret said...

a beautifully smocked dress Jillian.
Like you I am having a quiet Christmas, off to Church this morning for communion as the Church is a bus ride away and no buses on 25th