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Monday, December 8, 2014

Back to Basics

For the last three months I have been attending the Embroiderer's Guild Back to Basics group which meets on the fourth Monday of the Month. A couple of women in the Hungarian Point class were members and I thought I'd enjoy their company and learn a bit, so went along.

It's a great group, run and organised by Gay Sanderson. There is a set program of work for the class, designed to teach basic construction methods as well as basic stitches. You have your work assessed for certification. Everyone works at their own pace and there is a huge range of levels being worked across the group. Those who have finished the course return as tutors, or just to stitch along.

I am on Project One, which is a pin cushion, worked in running stitch over two threads on 14 count Aida with three colours of stranded cotton. Instruction and fabric is supplied, yarn and needles supplied by us. One of my Hungarian Point colleagues is also working on the pincushion.

It is a lot of fun, and very supportive.

I began by missing the requirement to work over two threads. Fortunately, the bottom of the pincushion has no requirement, so this outline of whipped double running over one thread will become the bottom!

By my second  session I was into the rhythm and had my head around the requirements, so played around with a variety of running stitch variations to produce the top of the pincushion.

At home I finished off the back with my initials, then stitched the back and front together at the third class.

I made the little calico lining bag by backstitching three sides.

I stuffed the inside bag very full and topstitched it, then closed the outer bag.

Here's the finished product, back and front.

The Back to Basic group does not meet again until February, when I move on to Project 2, a needlebook.

I'll have to wait until then for assessment - to see if my pincushion is up to scratch!

It is, however, packaged and ready to submit!


margaret said...

a pretty pin cushion and I am sure it will be up to scratch! not that I would stick pins into it it is far too nice

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret.I think the temptation will be to use colour coordinated pins!

Monica said...

You remind me that I really need to get some pincushions made - mine are on their last legs. But this one looks really nice, and I hope you will use it, once it is returned to you. Good luck on the judging!

Katherine said...

Its a lovely pin cushion but what a wait. Its like waiting for VCE results to come out lol.