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Monday, March 24, 2014

Patchwork progress

The last time I posted progress on my patchwork quilt, I thought I had eight rows of hexagons to add to get the required size (25 rows).

Since then I have worked steadily and have added four of the eight rows.

I am still working to a routine of constructing the hexies two rows at a time - black hexagons first, then coloured, join each into a row, then embroider the centres of the coloured rows, then join the two row together and add them to the quilt.

I enjoy each bit of the process but the treat is the embroidery of the centres.

I've experimented with a few on the rows just finished, including some bullion buds, a circle and a satin stitch flower.

Of course, there have been quite a few old favourites.

When I tried the now 21-row quilt on our bed I decided that I only need two, not four more rows. With the edging, this will easily be as high as I want the quilt to come on the bed. In fact, I am wondering if I could/should make the top border on the quilt narrower than on the other three sides. I don't want a black border to overwhelm the look of the quilt and I don't want to have a double layer of quilt around our heads. I will think about this as I add the last two rows of hexagons.


margaret said...

this is looking wonderful Jillian, I agree re the black border being narrower at the top. You have done this at a great speed and love how you have embroidered the centre of each flower

Lyn Warner said...

It looks amazing and so quick too! I'd also choose a narrow black border.

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I'm really pleased to have your opinion on the border. I wasn't sure if there was a convention that borders have to be the same. It will be better a bit narrower.

Jillian said...

Thanks Lyn. I'm getting more confident about narrowing the top border!

katherine said...

Yes I would narrow the top border too. It looks fantastic!

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. Hoping to get narrowed border on this week!