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Monday, August 12, 2013

Kangaroo Island Apron Project

We flew to Kangaroo Island for our recent holiday, and hired a car there. This restricted our luggage to 15kg. I couldn't conceive of running out of stitching on a holiday, so I took a pre-printed cross-stitch apron of cups of coffee and an "It's a good day" motto, with back-up of cross-stitched Christmas gift bags and two shawl knitting projects - same pattern, same two-ply wool, different colours.

In retrospect, this was madness, but I was well within the luggage limit, no harm done - and what if we had been stranded there for some reason?

I did quite a lot of stitching - and almost finished the apron. I got nowhere near the rest.

I was attracted to this apron by the colours and its cheeriness.

While it requires reference to a chart and counting, the patterns are easy to grasp and improvisation possible, making it a good option when travelling or socialising.

The colour variation is enough to stave off boredom at what is, in fact, a colouring-in task.

I also found myself working this rather like a prayer shawl, thinking about friends who are, or have been, ill, and meditating on their recovery and wellbeing.

Here is the just finished product and the washed and ironed version. I think it will make a good gift - and I have another one in my stash to stitch next time I need a straightforward project, or a cheery gift.

I also visited a few art and craft galleries on KI - more on that next time.


margaret said...

when I saw the title of your block I was expecting an apron with a kangaroo and a joey in the pocket! Like you if I am away I need some stitching. The what if I got stranded with nothing to do always plays a part. Cross stitch is a technique I have not done but love your coffee cups.

Monica said...

LOL, I am often struck with that brand of madness too. On a two-week visit to a friend many years ago I brought FOUR embroidery projects to do, one of which was Cottage Garden. Only a little of that one was completed. What was I thinking? I don't know.

But your apron came out very well. It sounds like you do a very good job of channeling your stitching time into a form of meditation as well. I am trying to do more of that also. It takes some discipline!

Jillian said...

I think most of the stitching you do is more interesting than cross stitch, Margaret. It's not my favourite thing - but good for travel and low concentration.

Jillian said...

My meditation capacity varies a bit but sometimes, on routine work, I can get into focus. It pleases me when it happens. The needing to cover every contingency with a stitching project is, however, manic. Can't seem to help it!