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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Samurai Treasure Box

While I was putting the last finishing touches (gold metallic thread is not my favourite!) on the embroidery of the Samurai, I took breaks to work out how to make the box.

I worked out the measurements on paper.

 I then cut the cardboard for the sides and lid. I used mounting card from our local framer, but should have chosen a piece without a paper covering on it. The paper made cutting a bit harder and edges rougher.

I had intended to use some dark red silk I bought at a sale last week, but discovered the last of the Japanese  temple brocades I bought some time ago, and thought it would be really appropriate. It was exactly the right size for the bottom of the box and I had some matching gold silk that would work for the lid.
When I made the box for my hardanger square, I forgot to line the fabric with tissue. This time I remembered. I found the tissue superfluous on the brocade, which is quite heavy, and not thick enough on the silk, which wrinkled a lot.

I was, of course, doing this under pressure of time - not to be recommended when glue is involved - so may get better results with more care.

The box and embroidery were finished in time to lace, position and glue the embroidery before I went to bed the night before the gift was needed, leaving the Shorter Oxford to do it's job overnight.

In the morning I mounted a few shells to cover a couple of places where the craft glue did NOT dry clear.

We added a few warrior treasures to the box - an arrow brooch, a sword brooch, a robot on a chain.

A happy ending!


Monica said...

That brocade is beautiful! The box turned out great. What a big job!

katherine said...

Its turned out stunning. Love the box construction too.