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Monday, November 26, 2012

Toy chest etui: pincushion top

The final piece!

By the time I came to it, I had most of the border, the lettering and a few vine stitches in place.

 The inside satin-stitch frame went in fairly easily - it's fairly careful counting to get the gaps for the greenery to go through, but otherwise straightforward.

I discovered at the end that I miscounted and not left enough space for the intended clay geometric motif. Rather than unpick the tiny stitches I opted to adapt the geometric motif to fit. It's a bit of a squeeze - and looks worse in the photo than on the fabric.

I'm not too distressed about this - I may yet choose to remove the geometric design altogether. The pincushion will always remind me that I got to the end and adapted!

This is the finished piece on the frame.

Below is the finished piece off the frame. The two small dots in the top right are my blood - from a finger prick early in the piece!

I am, of course, itching to construct, but I don't have a workspace at the moment with our building work. Given that I have some Christmas projects to do, I am intending to put the construction aside until after Christmas.

1 comment:

Monica said...

Wow, Jillian, congratulations. It looks amazing all unrolled and laid out! It will be fun to see all the pieces come together. Great job!