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Monday, November 5, 2012

Toy chest etui: button box lid.

This is a tiny piece, but does have the eye-straining challenge of a solid circle of petit-point in white.

I worked the circle first - partly to centre it, partly to have a break from outlining, partly because I had already used up a bit of white thread to do the corner crosses.
Again, I began using tent stitch, but ended up turning it to cross-stitch as I didn't think the coverage heavy enough. If I had thought in advance,as Monica did on her Juin sampler, two strands rather than a single one would have done the trick.

The photo is blurry, and I've now wound the linen on, so can't easily retake it.

It does, I think, look like a button!

I am on a roll now, stitching well ahead of my posting, so I hope to post more quickly this week.

1 comment:

Monica said...

Keep stitching while the spirit moves you, Jillian! It's all looking great. :)