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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Home for Ulysses Butterfly

My idea for displaying the silk thread Ulysses butterfly worked - even if it cost me more than I had hoped to make something useful. At Australian Needle Arts  I found a box that would, with a little manipulation, take the embroidery under glass. Ironically, Australian Needle Arts had packaged all their display boxes and sent them to Adelaide for the Beating Around the Bush Market Day later in April, but they offered to have their agent find the one I wanted and mail it to me.

It is not their fault that it took 6 working days - 10 calendar days because of Easter - to go from one side of Adelaide to the other with Australia Post!

In any case, I am grateful to have it this week and I have now mounted my piece after signing it (yes, another venture into the silk thread!).

I think the box is just about perfect for the piece. It is a jewellery box with compartments inside, so useful.

I haven't decided yet whether to keep it and bequeath it to someone, or just give it to someone. I don't need another jewellery box - although I have a lot of jewellery and could find things to go into it.

It's a nice piece, a luxury, and I will find it an appropriate home. Many thanks to Wendy Wilson at Australian Needle Arts for accommodating my order at an inconvenient time.


Monica said...

It is really beautiful, Jillian! Whoever gets it will be lucky. Have fun at BATB!

Anonymous said...

This has come up beautifully. I love the box too

Karyn said...

Your box is just perfect to display your butterfly in. it looks absolutely lovely. I am sure whoever eventually ends up with it will treasure it.