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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ballet Bears for Christmas tree

After my binge last year on Bucilla felt stockings, I bought a kit of Bucilla ballet bears thinking my granddaughter might like to make them. I realised as soon as it arrived that it was far too difficult. A few weeks ago I decided to make the bears to hang on this year's Christmas tree.

There are two each of three different bears in the kit - and the usual Bucilla sequins abound.

I find these kits a lot of fun. I like the variation - embroider a bit on the pre-stamped pieces, cut out, bead, applique, stuff.

This one didn't have a lot of embroidery and quite a bit of stitching limbs to torsos so you get a good sense of the figure emerging.
The first bear has her eyes closed in dance ecstasy, while the second one trips  along in a double-layered tutu.

The third one is wearing leg-warmers - clearly a seriously ambitious ballerina!

It is easy to vary the poses and decoration so each of the six bears is individual. 

I think these are going to be a big hit on the Christmas tree. I put them up this morning.

I think the children will be happy to take them home on Christmas Day.


Jillian Mary said...

Those are really lovely. Can you buy the kit on line?

Jillian said...

Yes, you can. I don't remember from whom I bought this one,but I noticed, when buying something else from them recently, that Herrschners have it on special . I've found them reliable on other things. I was tempted to buy another myself!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! - katherine

Karyn said...

Oh I think your granddaughters are going to love these bears, they are soooo cute! We have a few Bucilla kits at work, they look so fiddly. it is good to see them made up.

Jillian said...

They ARE a bit fiddly - but also fun. You see it take shape fairly quickly.