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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Four months on I resume with a catch up

 I last posted to this blog in October, when I summarised the embroidery I had completed over the previous three months.  This had been reported in a haphazard way in the daily blog posts I undertook in which I began as a travel blog during my visit to the UK in March 2020 but continued when I returned to lock-down and then Covid restrictions. Friends encouraged me to keep that blog going as a record of Covid experience in Adelaide, Australia. I kept it going on a daily basis for a full year. As of 25 February I intend to keep it going on a weekly basis until our borders open up - probably the end of this year.

The weekly posts will summarise what I've been doing. This will include embroidery, but without a lot of detail. I'm planning therefore, to return to posting detail about my embroidery adventures here on Jillian-AlwaysStitching.

This post is a quick summary of completed embroidery projects since my post here in October last year.

1. Crewel Feathers

This series of feathers is from a cushion by The Crewel Work Company. I have worked the feathers as separate additions to my Crewel chair. Rather than ostrich feathers, which the design reflects historically, I worked them in the colours of native Australian birds that I see regularly.

 2. Inuit embroidery
This odd-looking piece is a result of a World Embroidery Study Group meeting to look at Inuit embroidery.  We used some templates from a book on the subject to try out common stitches and figures (mostly worked on hide). This is a hunter and bear (yes, others have commented it looks like a meerkat!)

We plan to put these together as an entry into the Guild Exhibition next month.
3. Shawl
This is the shawl I was working on when I last posted here. It was finished in time for my daughter to wear it to a wedding in November.
4. I worked a number of crewel pieces from The Crewel Work Company   

  and added them to the chair, along with the feathers discussed above.

This leaves one space on the back of the chair for the Aesop Fables Frame which I am working on at the moment. 
 5. Before Christmas I worked a couple of Sashiko panels and turned them into a pouch and a zip bag respectively.

6. This hussif was the product of a Counted Sashiko  class with Carol Mullan at the Guild in November.
7.  Embroidered tote bags - four of these are Nicola Jarvis birds, embroidered on linen and appliqued on to bags I made from fabric from Ink and Spindle. The fifth (lower right) is an Anna Scott design from Inspirations Magazine, embroidered directly on to the bag. These are entries in the Guild exhibition and will be mostly gifts when the exhibition is over. 
8.I have just finished working this quote from Alan Garner's The Owl Service.

We are now more or less caught up. I will try to post here more regularly from now on.  


Lyn Warner said...

Well done on completing all those lovely pieces! The shawl looks so fine and soft. Lucky daughter!
I'm sure no-one would dare sit in your beautiful chair. It looks amazing. I like the star pattern on the hussif accessories too. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Jillian said...

Many thanks Lyn. I certainly plan to sit in the chair, and I hope others do too! It’s good to be in touch.