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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tribal Inspired finish

When I got home from holiday, with my African Tribal piece from the Embroiderers' Guild Summer School embroidered, I set about blocking it. As it was a 100F day in Adelaide, I pinned it out on the carpet and sprayed it with water until saturated. Even with the aircon on, it dried completely in 2 hours and came out beautifully flat.

I trimmed the edges - realising as I did it, what a poor job I had done of getting the outer edges of the octagon even. This is because, although I measured and drew an initial template for the Maltese Cross, I did not measure the lines extending from the Cross to the outer edges, but simply extended them as I went. I don't mind the somewhat haphazard folk-art look, but it's a lesson for future work of this kind.
I added some cotton interfacing on the back, to strengthen those exposed sections of the bottom layer of fabric before turning under a hem all around.
I had designed this piece to be added to clothing, but it had more than doubled in size from my original concept. I tried it unsuccessfully on various pieces of clothing before hitting on an black linen shirt that I usually wear open over tops. I decided the piece can serve as a pocket. I stitched it on by machine, reinforcing the opening, but using a long stitch elsewhere so I can remove it easily if I change my mind. The downside is that being linen, this shirt requires constant ironing!
It was a good thing I used the large stitch. I had left an opening near the front edge of the shirt. I should, of course, have left an opening near the side seam! The pocket came off, and I relocated it.  My hand now goes easily into the pocket.                                                                                                   I've had a lot of fun with this project, learned a heap, and am looking forward to seeing where my fellow students have ended with their pieces.


margaret said...

this has worked so beutifully and looks good as a pocket on your blouse

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I got there in the end!

Monica said...

I love linen, but I hate ironing it! It always feels so futile. But you did a lovely job, and I think a pocket was a great idea for your stitched piece. It really turns the shirt into something special. An excellent finish!

Jillian said...

Many thanks Monica. Yes, futile is right - but it does look good for a few minutes before it descends once again into creases and crumple!