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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Grab and go: Duftin Bag and hardanger ornaments

Now that  my crocheted cushion is finished I have grabbed an easy and undemanding project to work on in between getting my sewing room organised and unpacking my more substantial works. I am rethinking the way I got the removalists to set up the second and third bedrooms in the apartment and think I will get them back in January to swap the furniture over in the two rooms.  I am also trying to make the transition from a desktop to a laptop computer. This will save me space, but I am having some difficulties loading the data from the desktop to a drive accessible to the laptop. Once this is sorted I can dispose of the computer and the room swap will be easier. In the meantime, I don't want to unpack too much of my stitching gear.

So I have been working on a couple of simple projects - another Duftin bag,
as a Christmas gift, and a set of hardanger ornaments I bought as a kit somewhere along the line, to hang on my tree.
Tha bag is progressing apace. It presents no challenge and keeps my hands occupied.

Tha hardanger isn't hard, but requires focus and good eyesight - which, of course, rather rules it out as a grab-and-go!

My first attempt would not pass muster with the Guild. It will, however, glitter and hang sufficiently joyfully as a Christmas decoration for a couple of years.
I hoped to improve on the second one but alas, it was not so. I did not photograph it, even for learning purposes. My heart was not in it and my count even further out.  I abandoned the attempt and hung the first ornament on its own.
The bag, on the other hand, went from strength to strength and was finished in good time. All credit to Duftin who do a good job of these practical and easy-to-stitch bags. They are old friends to me - clearly what was needed in the lead-up to Christmas!


margaret said...

loving the hardanger ornaments they look so good on the tree and the bag is a beauty too.Hope you are soon sorted in your home and have everything where you want it to be. I got a lap top last year, so much easier but have to still use a wireless mouse, cannot work the pad thing!

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I don't think it will take too long once I get home after my Christmas excursion. I'm blessed to be able to do it!