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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Second Iconic finish

At the end of my last post an idea was forming. I had intended to embroider figures holding appliquéd quote banners but on reflection I thought it might be better to embroider more figures of women between the banners and at the top and bottom of the piece. This provides a visual link with the first project and retains the central point of the icon - Julia Gillard not only stands for all women, but speaks to women and articulates the concerns and experience of a wide range women.
This particular piece of cotton, the by- product of the Embroiderers' Guild over-dying of thread, was much harder to stitch than the first piece;the weave was tighter and I had lined it with thicker wadding. The stitched figures, therefore, are not quite as detailed or fine.

I used the shape and space between the banners to run strings of related figures.
At the bottom are further, more varied, figures.
I had enough of the 'women making rain' fabric from the border of project 1 to make a border for this piece, but my instinct was to create a more tradition icon frame.

I managed to find a remnant in Eastern Silk that gave me some gold options. I combined strips cut from the darkest coppery gold with an inset deep navy border made from a Japanese kimono remnant. The finished piece is  about 17" x 22".
The two pieces are now labelled and packaged, ready for me to take to the Guild on Monday. The Exhibition is August 1-15. My contribution may be a bit out of the mainstream - but we'll see how it goes.Picture


margaret said...

looks very good, such a variety of ladies you have stitched around Julia

Jillian Cheek said...

That looks fantastic, and relates well to your first piece. Hope you'll be allowed to share some photos of other entries. Sounds like a fascinating exhibition.

Deirdre Paillas said...

Very beautiful. I feel very honoured to have seen this right at the beginning of its creation.
I love the variety of figures around Julia. She is dominant, but she is not alone! Thank you for all the comments. I hope people enjoy it!

Jillian said...

Thanks, Girls. These are my first exhibition pieces, and really the first time I have tried anything conceptual. I doubt I will be able to photograph the exhibition itself, but will if it is permitted.