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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Icons Project finish

My Julia Gillard Piece for the Embroiderers' Guild SALA ( South Australian Living Arts) Exhibition is now finished. I filled in gaps in the coverage. Here are a few photos of the detail.

I found some Australian fabric with a design called "Women dancing rain " by Shirleen Campbell that I bought to border the piece.

Here it is finished.

I enjoyed this project immensely - from concept to finish. I especially enjoyed creating on the fly. I am considering trying another one using a darker piece of fabric and a different photo, just to see if I can improve. It is also a great travel project. I'm not sure if it will fit with what others are doing for the Guild's Icons Exhibition, but it's been great for me.


Ada-Jean said...

Just fantastic. Great concept, and well eecuted.

margaret said...

this has worked beautifully and the fabric as a border could not be better to show off your ladies

Jillian Cheek said...

The overall effect of the finished piece is stunning, and I just love all the different details in the background figures.Will look forward to seeing the darket piece. Who will you choose?

Lyn Warner said...

I love the detail in the little figures around the life-like Ms Gillard. Very interesting embroidery!

Monica said...

As I said last time, I think this is a tremendous piece, both creative and meaningful. If it is not in the usual way at the show, so much the better!