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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exquisite Threads: English Embroidery 1600s-1900s

 I visited the Exquisite Threads Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria on my recent trip to Melbourne. It was fabulous. Most items belong to the museum's collection. Visitors are allowed to take photos without flash - so I did.

Items included some wonderful samplers, displayed using mirrors, so the backs can be seen, and with chairs provided so you can sit to read and view the detail.

There is also a dress uniform.

and a cope.

There is a pair of embroidered leather gloves. The description suggests the embroidery was first done on silk then transferred to the leather - an extraordinary process.

A couple of stomachers made me grateful for my jeans.

There is a silk embroidered apron in which the original gold thread has faded to - grey!

I think my favourite was the amazing wall hanging embroidered by Catherine Holliday for Morris and Sons, but I also enjoyed the braces and crewel work.

There is a bonnet and any number of bed hangings - mostly crewel work.
The exhibition is free, beautifully curated and easily accessible, drawing a constant stream of visitors - a real tribute to the Gallery.


Monica said...

Looks like an inspiring exhibit! That is a great idea to provide chairs for the visitors to really study the pieces. I know my back would love that! I think you've had a great time in Melbourne. :D

Jillian said...

You're not wrong, Monica. Lovely weekend celebrating my brother's birthday and catching up,with friends - as well as exhibitions.

margaret said...

so many lovely things and to think they did not have electric lighting like we do today. I went to the Victoria EG when i was in Melbourne they too have a display of members work and so welcoming to me

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Wow - looks like it was a wonderful exhibit to take in. Thanks for the pictures and for sharing.

Lyn Warner said...

Wonderful embroidery to see! The colours are still so vibrant after all those years.

Katherine said...

What a wonderful exhibition to see. One day I might actually venture down to the big smoke to visit these sorts of lovely exhibitions. Bendigo used to have some great ones visit but the last couple of years haven't really been to our liking.