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Friday, March 13, 2015

Lagartera Bag

This is what I did with the piece of Lagartera I made at the Certificate Course Class at the end of February.

I joined the piece of fabric into a bag and secured the hem at the top with running stitch.

On the back I embroidered one of the small diamond motifs.

I created a tube for the cord using double running stitch.

I also experimented with a row of stitching around the edge - but unpicked it!

I made a cord and tassels using the green thread from the lagartera outline.

Someone will enjoy this bag with a small gift inside.

It's been a great little project. Thanks again to the Guild for generously allowing members to participate in these Certificate Courses - and to Gay for her teaching.


Monica said...

Simple and pretty! It will make a beautiful gift. Nice finish!

Katherine said...

Another fantastic finish! Its a beautiful bag Jillian.