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Monday, July 28, 2014

Knitted Hat

I had been nursing a pattern for a while now for a hat, looking for the right circumstances to use it. It is called Fan Vaulting Beret, and was published in the Canadian magazine, A Needle Pulling Thread in Spring 2013 p50. The design was based the fan vaulted ceiling of Bath Abbey in the UK.

I decided to make one for the Canberra winters, to go with the cardigan I completed for my daughter. She recently visited Bath.

It is knitted around an i-cord - a useful variation on the usual ribbed band.
The pattern is not as distinct in the yarn mixture as it would be in pure, single-colour wool, but it still provided texture.

As you can see, it goes well with the cardigan. It is also toasty-warm.



margaret said...

this is a pretty hat and done in a glorious colour

Monica said...

I'm glad this magazine is getting some international distribution! I worry about its longevity, with the small Canadian market. It usually has an interesting mix of projects.

Great hat! And nice outfit -- it looks great on your daughter. :D

Jillian said...

The mix is what I really like about the magazine, Monica. I can't think of another quite like it. There are articles about crafts I cannot see myself ever doing, but always something I'd like to do. I used to get hard copy by mail, but it took months to come. I now subscribe to an online version.o

katherine said...

Gorgeous! Might have to check out that magazine on my kindle.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. The magazine a available through PocketMags or MagazineCloner. I got mine through iTunes. It doesn't appear to be available through the Kindle store, but I'm not sure if PocketMags download to Kindle. The magazine always has at least one knitting pattern.