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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hat and bag for one-year-old

To complete the present for the one-year-old birthday party, I made a hat. I figured it was about that time of the year, here in Australia, when a boy needs a knitted hat.

As his dad is a marine scientist, I found a 'fishbowl' hat in 101 Designer one-skein wonders. It is knitted as a tube with a knitted 'lid' inserted to close off the top- to give the notion of the rim of a bowl.

I used a ball of what I think is a wool/alpaca mix (not sure where that label went). The fish are pretty subtle in the wool, but will be sufficiently visible on the head.

To finish off the present, I made a bag in blue denim - those with good memories might recognise the leg of my jeans left over from the denim bags made last Christmas. The appliqued Holden rally car was from the One Stop Fabric Shop . I used elastic rather than a drawstring in the top in the hope Ed might open it himself.

Banana, bear, fish, car - I haven't exactly achieved a theme!

Maybe next time.


Monica said...

Alpaca is not the greatest for crisp details, I've found, but I think a toddler will love it. It is a perfect design for the child of a marine scientist! I'm sure it will be popular. :)

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Yes, Ed won't notice the fish, but his dad will! It is soft and warm - enough when you're one!

Monica said...

Yes, soft is key. I remember a brown wool cardigan that someone made for me when I was really young that I just hated because it was too scratchy. But by the time it was getting too small I didn't want to part with it -- either washing had softened it up, or I was less sensitive by then!