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Monday, November 18, 2013

Twelfth Skyros Man and Chair Finish

The twelfth man is finished, along with his two flower motifs. I stitched the smaller sections in darning stitch and the two large bits - his pants and top - in Bokhara. 
Here is the final panel washed, ironed
and pinned in place on the chair cover, ready for stitching in place.
It is awkward stitching it on my sewing machine. A long-arm or  industrial machine would be easier, especially around the front of the arms.  
However, I managed. I'm glad I decided to buy a cover for the chair and stitch to that, rather than hand-stitching the linen to the chair itself by hand. While that may have given a tighter fit, being able to take this off to launder or repair gives a level of comfort.

It isn't an easy object to photograph, but here are a couple of shots of the finished chair in situ.
I still have quite a bit of thread left, somewhat to my surprise. Bokhara stitch should use more thread than running stitch and I thought I might need to buy more, but I have plenty left for a small back cushion, or other projects.

I'm so pleased with this project. I was enchanted when I saw it as a director's chair in Inspirations 78, and I have finished the adaptation to an armchair before Inspirations 80 has arrived.

Thanks to all my family and friends for encouragement along the way.
Now to sit and stitch in my chair!

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margaret said...

wonderful, your charr looks amazing and now you plan to add a small cushion it will top it off delightfully. This has been a large project and has been a joy to follow your progress. A very good idea attaching your covers to a removable cover.

Jillian said...

I have been encouraged and spurred on by your interest. It helped to keep me stitching away.Thank you so much, Margaret.

Lyn Warner said...

It looks lovely! So cheerful too. Congrats on finishing such a big project.

Katherine said...

Your chair is fantastic. I hope you send a pic into Inspirations magazine. I'm still madly involved with woolliness lol. Must update the blog too as I have finally sewn up the cream jacket I was crochetting too.

Monica said...

Oh my goodness! I'm away for a few days and I'm late for the big finish!

It really is wonderful, Jillian. I'm sure you are pleased as punch every time you sit down. Now you have even more motivation to stitch!

I didn't realize there would be a motif on the seat as well. It is the perfect finishing touch! It is quite a treasure. :)

Jillian said...

Thank you, girls. I sent a blog link to CB via their Facebook page. Pleased as punch is right, Monica. I can't believe I did it!